Art: “Masterpierces” by Karen Shaw

The year I worked for an acupuncture clinic

Doctor would say healing ain’t a picnic;

But the practice was nothing I could ascribe to

Subtle sorcery against the only thing I knew.

Shut eyes in hotel but woke up in jail

Persecution is written, happens without fail.

“Go to Colombia,” said God. “Okay, I will.”

I went for answers then there read the Bible.

En la casa de Carlos y su amor, Astrid

And Barry from Boston and Astrid’s son, David

Wrote daily for new year’s resolution

Hoping to find ‘dumb-witted’ solution;

Danced with love and fell a lot

But back on the floor doing the foxtrot;

Saw Rafa’s friend get stabbed with destornillador

By crazed crackhead at Cerro Volador;

A blessing as sour as the rind of a lime

When you’ve made your angels work overtime.

“Prokofiev?” the Russian answered, “Of course–

In the fields of Myinska, making love on all fours!”

He illustrated for us in the Valley View sauna

And I thought I’d seen the Sangres’ flora and fauna!

Don’t believe everything you hear, Fool!

Live the love and wipe away the drool

That’s been there pooling on your good book

Close it and leave behind everything you took.

Now let the revelations begin

Feel the pain brought on by your own sin

Your angels will always know where you are:

Can’t hide from love, nor run off afar.

So surrender your life and do it with gladness

And make an end to this silencing sadness;

That will go on forever left to its own dumb will

Shielding you from God, going in for the kill.

© 2013, Amaya Engleking


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