A young woman lost her lover to murder,

Dreamt she asked him about finding love again,

“When you find it I will be part of it.”

Ram Dass wept to this great love

And when you’re around saints you love everyone too.

I shared a tender moment with my daughter,

Singing the Avalokiteshvara mantra

She watched my dancing hands and my eyes.

Then she slept and I want this forever

When I should want God’s will.

It is less than sin to love the child given to you by God,

But can be more poisonous.

Conversion happens deep

But I can also feel it as sensation

As a new Platonic shape, a crown ether and

Revelation to see what form the universe takes

In a shower the droplets touch my skin

As a thousand God-ideas,

They course downward as we all on earth must do

But the warmth enters

And I am cleansed.


© 2014, Amaya Engleking


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