Padre Benedetto’s Words to Padre Pio

Padre Benedetto4.jpg

Padre Benedetto wrote to his spiritual advisee, Padre Pio, one hundred years ago, in 1916:

The night in which you are immersed and bewilders you is a most painful trial, but it is very lovable because of the fruit it produces in your soul. It is intended to extinguish human understanding so that divine understanding may take over, so that stripped of the common way of thinking and the ordinary use of the mental faculties you may ascend to what is purely supernatural and heavenly. Not only may you hope that God will return to your soul…he is already working within you with an activity and effectiveness commensurate with his intense love for you.


My soul encountered the dark night all throughout my twenties as I could not fathom what was happening to me, why everything I knew of the world was slipping like sand between my fingers and I could not hold it in, no matter what I did. This loss of control and “human understanding” was excruciating and I see now, necessary. What a blessing to be expurgated by the hand of Jesus himself, cause God knows, I never would have chosen that suffering, that way, for myself.

© 2016, Amaya Engleking



  1. canach · January 23

    Sometimes it is only when we read about someone else having a similar experience that we can understand what we are going through, and that helps to strengthen faith.

  2. Gospel Isosceles · May 27

    **Comment from FB**

    Mario: Yes, I have suffered from all four, [depression, anxiety, mental and physical anguish] and feel there is some truth there. If you are surrounded by street lights, you won’t see the stars; only when you’ve gone beyond all the man made lights, can you see the heavens not as a blank blackness, but as they really are.

    Me: Why I prefer the mountains☺️
    These words are an extraction from a letter Padre Benedetto wrote to his mentee, Padre Pio, a young priest at the time already battling the devil, remarkably literally. Even, it seems, the Church was against him as they soon forbade him to continue corresponding with his spiritual guide, Benedetto. Good thing he could bilocate.

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